Cake of a Lifetime?!?

I was asked to make a weddingcake by a friend of a friend who had some leftover birthdaycake I had made for her last year. Apparently she liked it a lot and she asked me to do her weddingcake. I was really flattered and said yes. I was super excited and oh so happy to talk to an actuall bride about her cake and the design of it, that it first hit me in the supermarket "I am making cake for 83 people!". Thank god for pinterest, google and good friends who all assured me, that what I had planned, and shopped for, was enough to feed all their guests. About 40 eggs, 500 grams cocoa,  1,5kg butter a whole lot of sugar, flower, marshmallows and rasberries later the cake weighed 11,5kg. How much cake can 83 people really eat?

I made a very rich choccolat cake filled it with italien rasberry buttercream, covered it in marshmallow fondant and decorated it with roses that I also made out of marshmallow fondant.

 About the very scary thought that this cake was probably the most important cake of their life, perhaps beeing remembered for a long time by many people, I just tried to forget about it, gave it my very best and hoped it would be enough. 

As with every project I learned a lot that I could do better next time. But most importantly I learned that I am capable of doing such a huge project and I do need to remember how good I felt after I delivered the finished cake to a very happy bride.

In case you wonder: they have now told me that they were very happy with the cake  but did not mention it not beeing enough to feed all their guests. And they would have done that, wouldn`t they?

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