Blogging And Me or How To Overcome Fear

I am afraid there is something rather big you have to know about me:

I am a perfectionist and lately I have been huge on self doubt.

Let me tell you, this is not a good combination. I started this Blog for two reasons: To keep track of everything I do and to force myself to be a bit more organized. Unfortunately nothing I do is ever good enough for myself. If it is not the actual product its the pictures or whatever I do or don´t want to say about it. Knowing that this is public while not knowing the potencial audience and wether you judge me and what I do as harshly as I do, really doesn´t help. As a result my enthusiasmus for this project turned into a lot of stress and I abandoned it. I prooved my self doubt right and left myself dissapointed and scared.

Do I really have to have it all figured out to move forward? Or can I make mistakes and learn from them as I go?

If I want to judge myself for blogging badly, I still have to do it first. If I am afraid I won´t to a good job, doing no job really isn´t the right consequence. Whatelse will make me good at this if not the practice of doing it? It seems the only way to overcome my fear of failure is to do it anyways. Otherwise I will have failed by default, which definitely would be worse.

Didn´t I say follow the taste was a quest for my happy place? Who says I can´t pursuit that while figuring out how to be a blogger?

If anyone is really reading this: What are you scared of? Have you ever felt like you are standing yourself in the way? How do you deal with that?

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