Hi there and Welcome to follow the taste!

My name is Anna. I am a twenty-something single girl still searching for my place in life. I am German and while I love to live here, I love the idea of the world as a whole. So, naturally, travelling has always been very important to me and always will be. I love art in whichever form it comes and I deeply admire all creative minds. I used to think the written worlds are way better than reality, but I am now ready to find the magic in the real world. When I see a cake or anything sweet, I immediately have to know how it was done, wanting to eat it comes second. I have always appreciated a nice table setting just as much as a good meal and I do think that gift wrapping is just as important as the actual gift. I sometimes think I would have been very happy in the fifties wearing a pastel coloured apron while preparing a fabulous dinner party. Growing up with lots of crafts and DIY projects, I have always wondered, why I should spend money on something that I can try and make myself. I love all the holidays and celebrations for the decorations, baking and gatherings that come with them.

The idea of follow the taste is simple: I will follow my taste, e.g. my passion, weather it is in food, art, clothing, places or people and share my thoughts and discoveries. By doing so, I am determined to - step by step - find my happy place in life, in love and in the kitchen.
So, join me on my follow the taste quest for the all the delicious and beautiful joys that make life better.